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 Here's how to make Multiage-Education.Com your Start Page!

Different web browsers do this differently. Find your web browser below and follow the instructions. The next time you start your web browser, you will automatically begin at the Multiage-Education.Com home page!

Netscape Communicator 4.0 (or higher):
1. Go to the Edit menu and click on "Preferences."
2. In the category tree to your left, click on 'Navigator'.
3. Where you see: "Navigator starts with," make sure "Home Page" is marked.
4. In the field marked "Home Page Location," type

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Netscape 3.0 (or lower):
1. Go to the Options menu and click on "General Preferences."
2. Click on the Appearance tab.
3. Where you see: "Browser Starts With," make sure "Home Page Location" is marked.
4. In the field underneath, type

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0:
1. Go to the View menu and click on "Internet Options."
2. Click on the General Tab.
3. In the field where you see: "Address," type

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0:
1. Go to the View menu and click on "Options."
2. Click on the Navigation tab.
3. Where you see: "Page," find "Start Page" in the scroll-down window.
4. In the field where it says "Address," type

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America Online 3.0:
1. Start up America Online and sign on.
2. Go to the Internet icon and click on it. You will be jumped to the Internet Connection area.
3. Click on the box, Go to the Web.
4. In the Members menu, click on My AOL.
5. Click on the icon next to Preferences Guide.
6. Click on The Web.
7. Click on Set Up Now.
8. Select the Navigation index card tab.
9. In the address box, type
10. Click on OK.

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If you use a different browser, you will be able to do something very similar to that above to make Multiage-Education.Com your start page.


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