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Russell Yates

I have filled an informal leadership role at Chimacum Elementary School in the area of technology for a number of years. I have designed and implemented various workshops for teachers including Management in the Computer Lab and Using the Internet with Elementary Students. Additionally I have created and implemented an "Internet for Parents" workshop that has been well received.

With my students I have integrated technology as a tool into much of the curriculum. My students have used word processing for a variety of subjects. They have had "keypals" in other parts of the United States and Europe. We used our connection with a class in Italy to contrast and compare our community with theirs through the use of a survey that the students created for the purpose. To obtain needed information my students frequently use the World Wide Web. A number of students have also created HyperCard and HyperStudio stacks to share something they have learned with their peers. Our class' student web page,, showcases many projects that students have chosen to publish via the Internet.

As a multiage educator I have created and maintained a website, Resources for Multiage Education, that has allowed me to share what I have learned with other interested educators since 1996. I have had tremendous response to this site, allowing me to connect with multiage educators from all over the United States and Canada, as well as Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Iceland. These connections have helped me grow as an educator and have served as an important part of my education. The URL for this site is:

Because of my experience with the Resources for Multiage Education website and because of a course I took on web design, I was asked to revise and maintain my elementary school's website. It can be found at:

I have integrated technology into my students' and my school life in many different ways, the integrated thematic unit, Moving Into The Country, is one example. After that unit was developed, I created a virtual field trip to use as a motivating set for it. I have included a link to it here as evidence of one of the effective ways I use technology to enhance learning. The title of the page is We're Headin' West - A Virtual Field Trip Along the Oregon Trail. It can be found at: Additionally I have collaborated online with three other teachers from three separate time U.S. zones to create a WebQuest titled International Author's Tea. Other online instructional units include The Great Outdoors: A WebQuest About Camping and Reading the Genres.

These are just a few samples of how I integrate technology into both my classroom and my professional life. In the future I hope to also include student digital video production as well.

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