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Student School Supplies

Russell Yates

When I taught in the Intermediate Multiage Program at Chimacum Elementary School, it had a long list of supplies that students were asked to bring (it was similar to the student supply list used with the earlier 2nd-3rd grade multiage program). Probably the most central of the items was a three-ring binder and the five folders. By turning the folders inside-out and punching holes in them, ten pockets and five dividers were created for the binder. Each of these pockets was labeled by the students (Planning, Reading, Math, etc.) which helped them to stay organized. Because the program had no assigned seats, students carried their binders with them wherever they went throughout the day.

The clipboard was a relatively inexpensive item that students used at a variety of times. It was especially helpful on field trips, when working away from a table, or when a student interviewed someone.

The other items on the list were general school supplies allowing the students to express themselves creatively, as in the case of the "art" supplies, or to keep things they have created on a computer, the 3.5 inch disk (I would now replace the disk with a flash drive).


note: The links to supply lists on this page no longer reflect what is required for students attending these classes. They are intended as examples for educators who are developing supply lists for their own multiage programs.

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