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Mathematical Thinking Continuum

Mathematical Thinking (Introduction, 3rd)

  • Counts and groups quantities to make 100.
  • Becomes familiar with number patterns on the 100 chart.
  • Explores materials, including the calculator, to be used throughout the curriculum as tools for solving problems.
  • Uses grouping to count.
  • Constructs symmetrical patterns.
  • Learns the addition combinations from 1+1 to 10+10.
  • Develops and uses strategies to combine and compare quantities.
  • Explore what happens when you add or subtract 10 or 20.
  • Explore what numbers can be divided evenly.
  • Reviews the values of coins and finds the values of collections of coins.
  • Sorts and classifies information.
  • Collects, records, and represents data.
  • Explores the characteristics of odd and even numbers and how they behave when combined.
  • Works with wholes and halves.
  • Develops awareness of the decimal point and its meaning.

Mathematical Thinking (Introduction, 4th)

  • Groups things for more efficient counting.
  • Records numbers for more efficient mental arithmetic.
  • Finds how many more are needed.
  • Estimates how many hundreds in the total of a group of three-digit numbers.
  • Recognizes values of U.S. coins and groups coins for more efficient counting.
  • Recognizes the decimal point on the calculator.
  • Uses known answers to find other answers.
  • Subtracts on a 300 chart and with a calculator.
  • Adds and subtracts multiples of ten.
  • Distinguishes between geometric patterns and random designs.
  • Distinguishes between mirror symmetry and rotational symmetry.
  • Collects, represents, and interprets data.
  • Estimates totals and differences.

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