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Information for Substitute Teachers on Classroom Procedures

As a part of my Substitute Teacher Notebook, I include a page summarizing some of the most common procedures. Below is a copy of that page.

Procedures, Etc.


One student per side at a time. They must sign their name and the time they leave the room on the small white board near the hall door. This lets you know who is using the bathroom and how long they have been there.


Near the outside door is a rack that holds clothespins. When the students enter in the morning they are to move their "attendance pin" to either cold lunch or hot lunch. It is rare when they all remember
to do this so you will need to check those clothespins that are left in the absent column to see if they really are absent.
Use the white sheet on the clipboard to record the following:

  • absences - mark A
  • tardies - mark T
  • hot lunches - mark the number of students taking hot lunch at the bottom of the column on the first page.

I keep the white attendance sheet on a clipboard in the upper right corner of the bookshelf nearest to the attendance rack (on the north wall). If you can't find it, the office can help you (it might still be in my mailbox).

Entering the Classroom

Students are not to enter the classroom before 8:45 in the morning. If they get here prior to 8:40 they are to wait in the Library, otherwise they may line up just outside the classroom.
When they come in from recesses they are to wait outside the door until you open the door to let them enter. Students should also enter walking and with a reasonably quiet voice.


If you wish to purchase a lunch it is $2.50. You may eat in the cafeteria with the students, in the faculty room, or in the classroom.
You need to lead the class from the classroom into the multipurpose room, having those students taking hot lunch line up at the counter nearest the entrance to get their trays of food. After walking the students over to lunch, teachers need to stay with their class until the students getting hot lunch have made it through the line and are seated at their assigned tables. Our tables are the four that are closest to the door.

Exiting the Classroom

I usually dismiss students in small groups. This keeps things more orderly. Students are to walk and use a relatively quiet voice.

Dismissal at the End of the Day

After homework (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday) and handouts have been distributed to the students:

  1. students get their papers, jackets, etc. ready to take home.
  2. students clean up on top of and under the tables and they stack the chairs.
  3. students line up at the outside door.

No earlier than about 3:13 and no later than about 3:16, you need to walk the students in a line to the busses. Teachers are to walk their students past all of the busses beginning with 102 and continuing through 109 until all the students have either walked onto a bus or have been picked up along the way by their parent.

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