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Introductory Letter for Substitute Teachers

I have found that my Substitute Teacher Notebook has been valuable to most subs and it was absolutely indispensable when I was team teaching and both of us were absent. Below is a copy of the first page of my Substitute Teacher Notebook that I keep on my desk at all times.

Dear Sub...

I'm glad you're here! You are about to work with a GREAT bunch of students! They are usually excited about learning, they want to be good, and they will do almost anything you ask of them!

Read through the information in this "Sub Folder" and use the blank checklist for recording good and bad behavior if you need to. If you need help don't be shy about asking for it. The students, neighboring teachers, and the principal will be glad to help you in whatever way they can.

As to academics, if you don't get through everything, don't worry about it. We can most likely make it up later. On the other hand, if you get through with things too soon, feel free to play an educational game or do something from your own "bag-o-tricks." You'll also find in this folder a logic worksheet that the kids haven't done but should have fun with. In addition, if there is anything you are passionate about teaching or sharing with the students, feel free to do so, I only ask that you check with me first.

I hope everything goes well and that you will have an enjoyable time with the kids!

Russell Yates

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