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Individually Paced Reading Books (Bin Books)

We kept the books for our individually paced reading program in plastic tubs. Each tub was numbered on the outside and each book had a colored dot stuck to it that had a number written on it. The number corresponded to the tub, or bin, in which it belonged.

It took us awhile to place all of our books into a sequence. We wanted the sequence of the bins to have small jumps in difficulty so that students could experience lots of success. For instance, bin one was comprised of picture books while bin two had books in it in which there was about one word per page. Bin 31, at the other end of the spectrum had books that would be considered eighth grade and above reading level. Third grade level books were approximately in bins 18 through 21.

The link below is to the database for these "bin books." On it are listed all of our books that were available to children from our bin book library as of August, 1997. After that time we added more titles and took out some that had worn out. The database was made using ClarisWorks 4.0 on a Macintosh computer (currently I do not have another version of it available). It was compressed using StuffIt.

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