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One of the great things about camping is that there are lots of choices of things to do. After you gather some firewood, you might decide to roast a hot dog. Perhaps you would rather hike up the creek a little ways and do some fishing, or maybe you'd like to sit around the picnic table with your family and play a nice long game of Monopoly. Well, just like on a camping trip, you have some choices to make. Below are four different tasks. Perhaps you would like to do just one of them or maybe you are feeling ambitious and want to try all four of them ... it's up to you.

1. Present an itinerary (a scheduled route plan) for a 2-week camping trip using the state parks.

2. Make and label a detailed diorama of the "perfect campsite." Describe why you think it is perfect.

3. Pack up a backpack with everything you would need to go on an overnight backpacking trip. Bring it to school, share what you packed and why you think each item should be taken.

4. Plan a menu for a week-long camping trip for 4 people. Find the price for all the food. Make one of the menu items and bring samples to share with your classmates at school.

After you have made your choice, follow the link below to the "Camping Trails" page. It will list the steps and resources you will need to accomplish your camping tasks.

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