Author Resources

Below you will find some online resources that will help you complete your WebQuest. There are many many links here and you will not be able to explore them all. Narrow your search down to just a few authors quickly so that you can look for them when you visit these websites. Stay focused on your task and know what you are looking for, otherwise you may find yourself wasting a lot of precious time.

The Author Corner

This website features information about 32 authors and illustrators from the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States plus links to 40 authors not from the Mid-Atlantic area. In addition there are links to authors that have received the Margaret A. Edwards Award.


The Author Page

This website features biographies of 14 different authors plus links to 15 more author pages.


The Book Review Forum

This website is made up of student, teacher, and parent reviews of books. They are organized by the date each review was submitted. In addition to being able to read the reviews, you can also submit a review of a book that you have read.


Children's Literature Authors and Illustrators

There are well over 100 links to author and illustrator webpages at this site.


Cool Sites for Kids - Reading and Writing: Authors

The portion of this website which focuses on authors, contains links to the websites of 8 various authors.


Just for Kids Who Love Books

This website has too many author and book review links to count! Visit this site after you have narrowed your search down to a few specific authors.


Learning about the Author and Illustrator Pages

This website has links to many webpages about authors and illustrators. They are organized alphabetically using the author's or illustrator's last name. Also at this site are webpages containing biographies of authors, as well as references to videos on a number of authors and illustrators.


Meet the Authors

This website includes links to almost 150 different authors of children's literature. There are also many links to webpages containing other information about books and reading.

Below are some other related websites if you want to do some further exploration. It is suggested that you check these out only after you have completed the rest of the International Author's Tea WebQuest.


Author Cards

If you are enjoying this WebQuest, here is another one about authors that you can do after you finish.


Birthdates of Children's Authors gopher://

This Gopher site allows you to look up the birthday of many of your favorite authors. You can search by either the month of their birthday or by their name. Who was born on your birthday?


Reading Zone: Books and Authors

This webpage lists links to other websites devoted to authors and their books.

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