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During hot summer nights when I was young, I would often sleep in our backyard. Looking up at the sky. Gazing at all of the millions of stars, I would imagine that the ones twinkling, those that changed color from green and red, to blue and yellow, were really planets. The colors that twinkled at me I believed were the lights of cities that covered those planets. Of course I would dream of traveling to them in my own spaceship when I got older, visiting the people who lived there.

Science Fiction is a category of stories that takes dreams like the ones I had when I was a boy, and adds details based on scientific facts and theories. Many of the theories behind these stories rely on technology that hasn't been developed...yet. Science fiction authors look at the trends technology is taking, ask "What if..." and then create a story based on the possibilities they see. Reading stories from this genre can be fun, your imagination can really fly!

Use the link to read It's Magic! and then write a short story about the adventures that might happen to your class if they could time travel.

Someday, people may be able to travel between the planets on vacations, kind of like they do now when they fly to different countries. Browse the websites titled StarChild: The Solar System, Views of the Solar System, and The Planets. Choose one planet to research. Pretending you are a travel representative of the future and create a poster and tourist brochure that would make a customer want to visit your planet. You will need to design a poster and write and illustrate a travel brochure to display your planet's qualities. Remember, science fiction includes science facts that the fictional part is based on.

If you want to read more science fiction stories, here is a short list of some that you might find at your library.

  • Born into Light by Paul Samuel Jacobs
  • C.L.U.T.Z. and the Fizzion Formula by Marilyn Wilkes
  • How I Saved the World by Dennis Brindell Fradin
  • My Teacher Fried My Brains by Bruce Coville
  • Orvis by H. M. Hoover
  • Stinker from Space by Pamela Service
  • When the Tripods Came by John Christopher
  • The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet by Eleanor Cameron

When I was 10 I never ever would have thought that I would someday become a teacher and that students could use email to communicate with me. Use your email and tell me what you think might come true in the future when you become as ancient as I am! :-)

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