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Multiage-Education.Com is proud to offer some of the best and most practical books for multiage educators direct from the publisher. CATS Publications features books that cover nearly all aspects of successful multiage teaching practice. Books detailing everything from setting up your classroom to effectively teaching math are featured. All books are authored by the well known and respected multiage educator Janet C. Banks.

To order any of the books listed below simply click on the linked title and the CATS Publications order form will automatically pop up in a new window. Simply print out the form, complete the needed information, and use the postal service to mail it in (yes, the post office still provides this service). Your order will be shipped to you promptly.

 Creating The Multi-Age Classroom (Grades 1-8) Ideas for organization, curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment in the multi-age classroom. Included are considerations for starting a multi-age program, techniques for classroom management, student record keeping forms, schedules for a typical day, ideas for teaching math through problem solving, helpful hints on questioning strategies which develop higher-level thinking skills, a glossary of multi-age terminology, and a section on portfolio assessment.

 136 pages


 ISBN 1-886753-03-2

 Creative Projects for Independent Learners (Grades 3-8) A wealth of high interest activities centered around literature, comprehension skills, research skills, writing and spelling instruction, and dictionary studies. This book includes projects for developing higher-level thinking skills, designed for use with learning centers, cooperative learning groups, independent studies, or full class instruction.

 134 pages


 ISBN 1-886753-02-4

 Developing Research Skills (Grades 2-6) Wild animal and plant units with motivating activities to improve research skills. Projects with various levels of difficulty are designed to promote higher-level thinking skills. Research components included are: following outlines, locating information, taking notes, mind mapping/webbing, organizing information, writing rough drafts, revising, editing, proofreading, publishing final reports, and investigating through inquiries.

 128 pages


 ISBN 1-886753-00-8

 Enhancing Research Skills (Intermediate and Middle School) Independent, ready-to-use research activities on the Civil War. Students will learn about the war as they locate information, fill in an outline, take notes, organize material, write a rough draft, revise, edit, proofread, and complete a finished report. Also included are thematic research projects using inquiries which will promote higher-level thinking skills, while providing additional information for student reports across the curriculum.

 116 pages


 ISBN 1-886753-01-6

 Essential Learnings of Mathematics (Grades 3-6) An organizational framework for developing concepts and procedures throughout the strands of mathematics, following state and national standards. Includes rationale for math reform, student objectives for grades K-8, vocabulary, techniques for classroom management, explorations and investigations from real-life experiences, strategies for teaching problem solving, and suggestions for performance assessment.

 142 pages


 ISBN 1-886753-04-0

 Creating and Assessing Performance-Based Curriculum Projects (Grades K-8) A teacher's guide to project-based learning and performance assessment. Includes strategies for planning and writing thematic curriculum projects that contain authentic assessment tools for guiding and judging student performance. Projects are to be based on essential learning standards, and need to provide for assessment of concepts, skills, learner characteristics, and learning processes students go through as they complete projects.

 136 pages


 ISBN 1-886753-19-9


Creative Activities and Teaching Strategies

 These books are available directly from CATS Publications. To order, click on the book title or follow the link below to the order form, print it out, complete your order, and mail it in.

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